Boy From New York City

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BoyFromNYCThis record was a lot of fun recording because it was produced by Leiber & Stoller and it gave me a chance to work with them on a project from the start. We had a good creative meeting when we began the project. We met in their office and listened to the Ad-Libs sing the song live. We talked about the basic layout of the record. I then went home and wrote the arrangement.

At the next meeting I played the piano and showed Mike and Jerry what I had written. They liked it so we set up the recording sessions. They were at A & R Studios, one of the busier recording studios in New York at that time. We recorded the rhythm section on the first session. A day or so later the Ad-Libs came in and added their vocals. Then we added the horn section on another session. We were all pleased with the end results. So was the public. It was a hit record.