Laughter in the Rain

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I had not worked with Neil Sedaka since the mid-sixties. When he called me in 1975 I was delighted to hear from him. He said that he had been living in England for a few years and that Elton John had signed him to his new label Rocket Records. songlaughHe asked if I would like to work with him again. I was delighted. Shortly after, we recorded “Laughter In The Rain”. When we finished recording it I recall sitting in the control room with Neil listening to a playback and smiling at each other. We both really liked it.

I will always remember on a New Years Eve I had about forty people at my house and the phone rang. It was Neil. He said that “Laughter In The Rain” had just gone to #1 on the charts. He called and said “Artie I want to tell you that I just found out that “Laughter In The Rain” just went to number one, and I’m dancing with my wife and I want to thank you for your beautiful arrangement.” What a nice gesture. I recall shortly after that Neil brought me “The Hungry Years.” I remember with great detail my eyes swelling up with tears when I first heard the song. It was that emotional. After hearing it just one time, I knew what I wanted the arrangement to sound like. All I needed was Neil’s key. I remember saying to Neil “Neil I know just what to do with this. Trust me.” It still touches my heart today.

I made several other records with Neil after that and traveled all over the world with him as his arranger & musical pic_ns_newdirector from 1975 – 1980. He is a very gifted & sensitive artist. We both cry when we hear beautiful music. We shared many musical moments together in the past, and still do today. I treasure my long relationship with Neil & his wife Leba. The photo above of us was taken in 1977 in Lake Tahoe. The photo to the right was taken in 2002.