Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton and I first worked together in Woody Allen’s film Annie Hall. I played piano for her when she sang in the movie. I also worked with her in his film Radio Days. This picture was taken on the set of “Because I Said So” which is a movie she was shooting in Los Angeles. I played piano for her in this movie as she sang “Little Girl Blue.” Diane and I are friends. She is great to work with and great to laugh with as well. I always enjoy working with her. We have done numerous “Tonight Shows” and other live and TV shows together. She is always a joy. There is a mutual respect that we have that let’s us get our work done with such ease no BS at all. I also know that when the phone rings and I hear “Artie it’s Diane” ……. I am in for a good time. I simply adore her.