George Shearing

To anyone who knows the Jazz world, George Shearing is a household name. He’s an incredible pianist with a great sense of harmony. He is famous for his block chord style of playing. The famous “Shearing Sound ‘ consisted of George playing his block chords, vibes doubling the melody, guitar doubling the lead line and sometimes playing chords, bass and drums. At times he would add conga drums when the music called for a Latin Jazz feel. His Latin Jazz recordings are really very unique because of the combination of the “Shearing Sound” and the conga drums. What is so incredible about George Shearing is that he is blind. He is one of the most respected Jazz pianists of all time. He also composed every Jazz musicians favorite song, “Lullaby Of Birdland.”

The great Joe Williams recorded my song “Here’s To Life” with George. Just vocal and piano. The only word I can use to describe it is delicious. I first met George around 1986, and actually had dinner with him a few times with Joe Williams. This picture was taken in New York at Nola Recording Studios in 2003.