Joe Viterelli

I met Joe Viterelli at the Friars Club in Beverly Hills. Actually I was introduced to him by Milton Berle. I was having lunch with Milton and Joe came by to say hello to him. He sat down and the laughter started. We ate and laughed for two hours. Joe loved Milton just like I did. I could see it in his eyes. We’ve spoken about it many times after that. I was going to make a dinner party at my house with Joe and Milton. It was all set up but then I had to cancel it because of my work schedule. How sad. It would have been a great evening of laughs. I have gotten to know Joe and I really like him. He is really a pussy cat and has a great sense of humor.

When ever we see each other, we discuss the latest joke going around. Then Milton comes into the conversation, and then there’s a moment with a tear in our eyes as we both think of him. I see Joe at the Friars club quite often and we tell jokes and laugh. Even though Joe always plays a tough gangster in the movies, he is really a sweetheart.