Tony Orlando

Mid-town Manhattan was full of office buildings loaded with music publishers. It was part of the area known as Tin Pan Alley. All of these publishers had staff writers who were signed to them. Often they would write songs with specific singers in mind. Each publisher had a guy who’s job was to try to place the new songs with singers who were looking for new contemporary material to record. The official title was song plugger.

Tony Orlando was one of those guys who ran with the new songs when I first met him. We all came up through the ranks of the music business at the same time. I made dozens and dozens of demos of songs for Tony’s publishing company. This was back in the days when writers would write for singers who only sang. With all of his years in the music business it was great to see Tony combine his experience with his talent and break out on his own and eventually become a star. He is a great entertainer. This photo was taken in my house in 1987.