Society’s Child

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This was the first time I met and worked with Janis Ian. It was one of those situations where I knew I was in the company of a very gifted and sensitive person. She was only sixteen when we made this record. One thing I remember about this janisrecording session is that I kept running back and forth between a harpsichord and a Hammond B3 organ several times on each take. The verses were on harpsichord and the chorus was on organ. Each time I had to switch and run about fifteen feet. In addition to that I had to do it quietly. It was hysterical because I was wearing earphones and I had to take them with me. I must of put on two miles during that session. Shadow Morton the producer asked me to come up with something catchy for the ending of the record. I came up with the funky organ fill at the end.

Disk jockeys loved it. There were times when I would hear just the organ fill on the radio.

Janis Ian’s sensitivity and musicality was so apparent to me. She was special. We still stay in touch and have remained good friends all these years. I am crazy about her.